In a culture that demands relentless progress, it is deeply inconvenient to hunger for depth, meaning, and connection.

True hunger is a calling from soul to live life a different way.

Let’s make it happen. Together.

I work with people who can no longer avoid the calling to go within, to find the answers to the hard questions: What am I hungry for? What is life asking of me? What am I here to do? How I can learn to trust myself, take risks, and dream a bigger dream for my life?

As a psychotherapist, I work with hundreds of women who were called to uncover their purpose, gain clarity, and step into their power.




With a private practice based in Boulder, Colorado, I specialize in Jungian depth psychology, dream work, and body-oriented practices to help you learn how to listen to yourself and feel better.



I teach courses focused on depth psychology, mythology, feminine embodiment, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I am available for lectures on these topics for communities, businesses, and organizations.