What are you hungry for?

When we are hungry, it’s hard to feel intuitive hunches.
In order to thrive, we must tune into our intuition.

Feeling requires re-learning how to sense the body, hunger, and emotions.
Often we need more words, tools, and practices to do this since it
could be a very long time since we felt anything of substance.




You have permission to fully feel your body.

Learn to respect your body. It helps you make better choices that are more authentic.

Our bodies are wise and discerning. If heard, our bodies can direct us towards a life that feels good, full, and satisfying. When we allow all of our feelings—grief to anger to joy—we can begin to remember how to allow the full spectrum of who we are to guide our lives.

Our bodies thrive under conditions that are safe, pleasurable, and grounding and it is our responsibility to create these conditions as much as possible.

In our work together, you will:

  • Explore the impact of feeling stuffed (of what you don’t need) and starved of what you long for

  • Practice integrating pleasure into your life as a healing tool

  • Learn how to re-empower yourself through fully inhabiting your body, knowing what you are feeling, and what you need

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You have permission to feel the full range of who you are.

Begin to fiercely trust your mind and emotions the way a jaguar trusts her instincts in the darkness of the jungle. Transform wounds into your greatest insight and power.

It’s easy to think of your emotional experiences as irrelevant to building your life or career. You may have gone through much of your life disconnected from most emotional experiences simply because it was never a consideration in school or work environments. You may have learned to undervalue your emotions as a guiding compass for your life.

Emotions aren’t something to overcome or push through. They hold immense power and wisdom for transformation. Simultaneously, your emotions can point to patterns that are repetitive and outdated. Working with these patterns are the seeds of true psycho-emotional growth.

In our work together you will:

  • Start to feel and trust your emotions

  • Expand your emotional vocabulary to know and express what you are feeling and needing

  • Increase your tolerance for emotional complexity

  • Learn the “3 States of Mind”—emotional, rational, and wise mind—and tools to come into the present moment and shift into inner wisdom

  • Identify automatic thinking patterns and work with your mind as an ally

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You have permission to embark on your epic soul journey.

The soul journey is a descent into the depths of mystery and paradox.
Soul connects us to the unconscious.
The power comes from leveraging soul as a blueprint.

Soul is the embodiment of our given unique path. What so many of us hunger for is actually contact with soul —the personal embodiment of the divine. Soul hunger is a longing for something more than. This hunger can be hard to name and quantify because of its spiritual and emotional implications. The singer Jackson Browne calls this “god-size hunger”— the hunger of connection with something larger than our conscious minds.

Yet this is the kind of hunger that is at the center of our dissatisfaction and desperate attempts to control or fix our lives. Your soul is non-linear. Instead of following the 1-2-3 process of rational thinking, soul doesn’t care to follow such a predictable course. Soul often pulls us in directions that feel out of the way, off our main road, yet these seeming detours offer deep lessons we otherwise might have missed without its circuitous route.

We step into dreamtime to gather wisdom and guidance, we step into the darkness of night to receive, and we feel into our bodies, cells, blood, and bones to remember who we are, where we came from, and where we are being called to go. 

In our work together, you will:

  • Learn about dreams and method to work with them as guides to our soul purpose. Dreams tell us the state of our lives if we know how to listen. They help us reclaim a non-rational way of knowing that has been suppressed and hyper-rationalized and as a result deadened

  • Take “our eyes back” by empowering ourselves to know what we think, feel, and know from the inside out, rather than only taking another’s perspective

  • Dive into what initiations are, how we unconsciously enact initiations in our lives, and explored how the seven phases of a feminine initiation to make this process conscious so we can co-create with the journey rather than be blindsided by it

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You have permission to trust your dreams.

Spirit – the multi-named and unnamable energy of the universe – calls us to reawaken our connection to the whole and to dream bigger dreams for ourselves and one another. You have permission to offer your sacred work to the world.

Principles of Spirit


Spirit reminds us that we are not as separate as our minds might lead us to believe. We are inherently interdependent due to the fact that we live on the same planet. While it can be hard to see at times, what happens to others across the ocean does impact our collective consciousness and we are interconnected in the realm of Spirit.

Responsibility and Privilege:

How we live our lives matters. The decisions we make matter. What we support, are silent about, ignore, or prefer to see as “not mine” in terms of oppression and privilege, matter. In Spirit, we step into taking responsibility for the work we do in the world and what we say, do, think, and feel.

Conscious Dreaming:

We are responsible for dreaming the world into being. We listen deeply to what is needed for the highest good of all, listen to our own deep longings, and trace the threads from this place of intersection of the individual and the collective. 

Spirit is Energetic:

Spirit does not adhere to traditional laws of gravity and cause-and-effect. Spirit adheres to greater universal principles of organization. For example, instead of jumping into action building a structure, we start by envisioning the blueprint of the school we want to build, the children we want to serve, and how this structure will support the community. We sense first into the energetic blueprint of our dreams and allow this to inform their coming into being in the physical world.

As Above So Below:

Spirit reminds us that what we project as being “outside” of us, is actually a reflection of ourselves. We are able to influence the world through our own inner work and we have a responsibility to do so.


Ultimately we can’t know what we are doing and don’t know anything so let’s relax, surrender, and have some fun…