Lectures & Speaking Engagements


I teach courses focused on depth psychology, mythology, feminine embodiment, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

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True Hunger Online Course

True Hunger is focused on helping you reconnect with, and reclaim, your body, mind, emotions, and soul from diet culture. This means learning what you are truly hungry for, and trusting your hunger, instead of staying stuck in body insecurity and preoccupation with food.

On a deeper level, this 8-week course is designed to help you decrease tolerating what isn’t nourishing and to tap into what will actually satisfy you. For some this might be a sense of purpose and belonging. For others this might be simply feeling your body and emotions for the first time in a long time.  

While each woman’s hunger is different, True Hunger is a map to help you remember how to live more peacefully and powerfully in your body and life.

DBT Online Class

A weekly class taught with Debbie DeMarco Bennett through DBT Path

Need DBT skills help and don’t have a group nearby? If you are a clinician, are you curious about DBT for your own clients? This class is an in-depth psychoeducational course designed to support people in learning DBT skills in a convenient and supportive way.

The four skills modules covered are: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance.

The Stronger than BPD Journal

Your story is just beginning. In The Stronger than BPD Journal, influential BPD blogger, advocate, and peer educator Debbie Corso and psychotherapist Kathryn C. Holt offer guided writing activities to help you work through strong emotions, strengthen emotional resiliency, and build lasting relationships.

If you have borderline personality disorder (BPD), you may have trouble managing your intense emotions, navigating day-to-day life, and maintaining healthy relationships. You may also have trouble seeing yourself clearly beyond your diagnosis. But you should know that—while BPD is a part of your life’s story—BPD isn’t the whole story.

This unique journal offers gentle guided exercises based in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help you balance your emotions, take time for self-care and exploration, and put a stop to overly critical self-judgment. You’ll also learn to reduce stress, upsets, and triggers; gain resiliency; and improve communication with others.

Writing can be a vehicle for profound self-reflection, exploration, and healing. This guided journal will help you take control of your emotions, gain insight into your unique mind, and start living the life you deserve.