True hunger is the longing for more.


True hunger is a calling from soul to live life in a different way. It is a signal that something deeper within us is asking to be fed. 



In a culture that demands relentless progress, it is deeply inconvenient to hunger for depth, meaning, and connection. What so many women are truly hungry for is not easily bought or achieved through following the rules of being “good”, responsible, or accomplished.



Is often taken when the desperate attempts of “keeping it together” begin to crack… when we’re too tired to continue doing what we’ve been doing simply to get by… when we have a sense that something has to change and external sources just aren’t working anymore.



On a deeper level, this work is designed to help you decrease tolerating what isn’t nourishing and to tap into what will actually satisfy you.

When we are hungry, it’s hard to feel intuitive hunches. In order to thrive, we must tune into our intuition. Feeling requires re-learning how to sense the body, hunger, and emotions.

Often we need more words, tools, and practices to do this since it could be a very long time since we felt anything of substance.

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Kathryn works with people who can no longer avoid the calling to go within, to find the answers to the hard questions, What am I hungry for? What is life asking of me? What am I here to do? How I can learn to trust myself, take risks, and dream a bigger dream for my life?

As a psychotherapist, she works with hundreds of women who were called to uncover their purpose, gain clarity, and step into their power.