Working Together

Together we can help you find your way.

Through individual and personal inquiry, I help you learn how to listen to the messages of your body. Using mindfulness skills and guidance, I’ll help you tune into your own intuition and internal compass.

My speciality and passion is working with women who are stepping into the truth of who they are—using the psycho-spiritual model to empower women to embrace their authentic voices in world that often tries to make them smaller.

Maybe you feel like you’ve followed the rules, done everything “right” and still don’t feel like it’s enough. Maybe your relationship with your body, food, and hunger feels overly complicated and stressful. My focus is to help you listen to, trust, and empower your own voice to build the life you want.

Psychotherapy Process and Journey

Depending on assessment and needs, content and flow of therapy will vary. 

Below is an illustrative psychotherapy plan to provide reference to the typical journey.

Session 1
Identifying goals. Getting to know one another.
Legal documents. Immediate, short-term skill recommendations as needed.

Sessions 2 - 5
Identify focus areas, goals, patterns you want to explore and address.
Begin exploring new skills, new resources within yourself. Build therapeutic relationship and trust.
I will often give homework to help you continue our work in the “real world”.

Sessions 5 - 15
Hone and strengthen newly identified internal and external resources.
Continue building new skills. Problem solve what is working and not working.
Continue homework practices.

Sessions 15 - Onward
Either deepen personal work to explore long-held patterns, beliefs, and traumas.
Or explore future goals and desires for your life.
Ending therapy is determined by your desires and needs.

Start Your Journey

To schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation or if you have questions about groups or classes, please reach out today. Our goal is to be supportive, validating to your inherent wisdom, and focused on helping you build a life you want.

Speciality & Training

  • Depth Psychology (Jungian and Archetypal Psychology) through Pacifica Graduate Institute (M.A./PhD in process)

  • Clinical Social Work (specialized in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)) at Columbia University (Master’s Degree)

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in NYC

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

  • Somatic Trauma Work Trainings

  • Find my full credentials here.