Rebirth & Transformation


If you are in the US (or on social media) you are aware that a total solar eclipse blessed this country yesterday coast-to-coast. On Sunday evening I went to a ceremony in preparation for this cosmic event where we explored the myth of Lazarus, who died and was brought back to life to teach his journey of rebirth and love. We explored this biblical story as a parallel to what we would all energetically be experiencing on Monday during the eclipse—the death of solar light, entering the darkness of the feminine moon, and being reborn again as the sun returned.

 While there are many mythologies we could have explored—how the moon eats the sun, how the sun and moon make love during an eclipse—rebirth and transformation are themes throughout. A dear friend and astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, has written about how this eclipse is signaling a time of deep and unrelenting transformation for the United States. She has described that this country will be unrecognizable by the time the next eclipse blesses us in 2024.

While astrology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I have found it to be a powerful ally in reconnecting with a larger story and to the celestial realms in my spiritual development. No matter if astrology fits your worldview, it’s hard to deny that we are in a period of change and transformation. This often looks like chaos and feels like anxiety. For some, life simply feels like business as usual, but this is often how privilege works—life continues as “normal” in the cocoon of not having to face the changes of the world. I don’t believe many people will be exempt from the transformation at hand for long, however.

 So this is a call to explore where in your life is rebirth naturally happening? Where are you being called to transform, wake up, or let go? What is alchemizing in your life that you can lean into? Is there an area of your life that is asking to die and be reborn?

In following blog posts I’ll offer ideas and suggestions for leaning into your own and our collective transformation, but today we start within.

The potency of this eclipse will be with us for the next six months so embrace this cosmic gift and consider how it wants to work through your life. Stay attuned to your inner world as a reflection of the outer world. Where are you dead and needing new life? 

With love and celestial blessings,

Kathryn Holt