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Women today struggle with satisfying true hunger. We grapple with the feeling that no matter how hard we work, how much we accomplish, it’s still not enough. Often there’s a sense of inner hunger that is not easily satisfied by external means. 

Kathryn uses a psychospiritual model to empower women to embrace their authentic voices in world that often tries to make them smaller and hungrier.

She helps you listen to, trust, and utilize your own voice to build the life you want. Kathryn’s speciality is using DBT, depth psychology (Jungian psychology), dream work, and body-oriented practices, which help you get back in touch with your self, your body, and your true calling. 

If you can no longer avoid the calling to go within, then work with Kathryn and begin answering questions: What am I hungry for? What is life asking of me? What am I here to do? How I can learn to trust myself, take risks, and dream a bigger dream for my life? 

Deepening into our true hunger is the where the food of soul can be found. 

If you would like to schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation or if you have questions about groups or classes, please reach out today.




Office Locations:

Boulder Office: 100 West Arapahoe Suite 12 80302

Denver Office: 2855 N Speer Blvd Suite C 80211